About Siciliano’s Catering

Siciliano’s founder and head chef’s first hand experience starts all the way at the beginning….born and raised in Palermo Sicily, with family that owned lots of land they cultivated to grow tomatoes for sauces, grapes for wine, olives for olive oil imported throughout the world, along with just about every vegetable and herb imaginable. Add being closely raised by a mom that cooked the most delicious authentic Sicilian/Southern Italian style home cooked meals every single day (unless we had a wedding that day!), and could cook up a complete home style cooked feast for hundreds of guests with a moments notice, using fresh ingredients right from the garden. This treasure of first hand knowledge and experience is a Master Chef’s dream!

Siciliano’s Catering will bring you as close to the true tastes of “Sicily/Southern Italy” with true authentic home style cooking using the absolute highest quality ingredients according to traditional Sicilian/Southern Italian recipes, with freshly interpreted…first hand experience, and prepared with true passion for exquisite authentic food for all of our, and your guests!

We would be very pleased to serve you and your guests fresh, made to order, truly authentic Sicilian/Southern Italian Home Style Cooking delivered with exquisite service right to your door!


At Siciliano’s Catering we believe in the power of the all natural meats, the wonderful gastronomic delights of the cheeses, and the superbly health and energy infused fruits and vegetables to make a great, healthy, hearty, all natural, authentic Sicilian/Southern Italian home style meal that can change the world for the better!

It’s TRUE!

It is a known fact that eating healthy foods and adding protein to your meals can help slow the absorption of carbohydrates in your blood and increase the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, which may improve your mood and energy.

Helping your body nourish, and causing you to feel content, happy, and in a great mood!